How to Use Technology to Promote Well Being.
When we think about how technology is changing our world, the first focus may go towards
innovative smartphones and electric cars. However, we are setting a big breakthrough on how
technology is able to improve our wellbeing. In fact, you may be surprised by the many wellness
innovation currently available. Here’s a look at five ways that technology is being use to prompt

1). Wearable Technology
Perhaps on the most obvious ways that technology is improving our wellbeing is through the use of
wearable technology. You are likely familair with Fitbits and Apple Smartwatches. These pieces of
technology can perform a number of tasks from monitoring your heatrate to tracking your
movements. These pieces of technology can go far to help people stay accountable with their day
to day health habits.

2) Sleep Apps
According to, 70% of Americans do not get enough sleep. This is a big deal since
sleep can effect everything from mental wellbeing to the ability of the body to properly burn fat and
digest food. Today there are a number of sleep apps that allow people to track their sleeping habits
and improve their overall sleeping patterns. Some of the top sleep apps include Calm and
BetterSleep. These apps are available for iOS and Android smartphones and come with a number
of functions including sleep pattern reports.

3). Genetic Testing
Genetic testing is one of the largest innovations of the past 50 years. More dramasitcally, the price
of a genetic test has fallen from millions of dollars to about $100 today. In fact, you can use a
service such as 23 and Me in order to receive a complete report on your genes. What makes this
information so valuable? Genetic testing can help you discover if you are pre-disposed to any
mental or physical illnesses. This will allow you to take the proper steps to protect your wellbeing.

4). Telehealth
During the pandemic, many people have gotten used to doing more online. One of the biggest
changes to daily life is using technology to substitute for medical visits. For older American’s
telehealth is extremely valuable because the patient is more likely to visit their primary and
specialists medical provider. Today, telehealth is become more of the norm for those who need to
consult with mental health, primary care, and other health care providers.

5). Blockchain Wellness Projects
Blockchain has become one of the fastest growing technologies of the past couple of years.
Today, blockchain protects such as Kalibre incentivizes people to improve their mental and
physical wellbeing through smart contracts. A Kalibre user purchases Kali tokens and creates a
smart contract with a stated wellbeing goal. Kalibre uses partner healthcare providers to verify if
the goals are met on the smart contract. Those who meet their goals are rewarded with Kali tokens
from the blockchain. Since this wellness ICO, Kalibre has been one of the most important
advances into the technological wellbeing space.

Making Technology a Gateway to a Healthier Life
There are many exciting and innovative new ways that people can improve their wellbeing. As
more people add technology to their lives, they wil discover new ways to improve their mental and
physical health. Right now many just be the state of where ther merger of technology and
wellbeing may go.