Success through the Psychophysical State: How Lifestyle & Healthy Eating Habits Influence Performance

Looking to reach your goals? It all starts in the mind and committing to an active lifestyle and healthy eating habits

Just about everyone has big goals in life. The sad part is that very few people are able to realize their dreams. What is keeping them back? Well, everything starts in the mind. If you are not in the right psychological state, then pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone will be hard. However, those who lead an active lifestyle and eat healthy foods are more likely to have the mindset to succeed.

How to Change Behavior and Develop Healthy Habits? It’s a Four-Step Process.

According to the National Insititute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Disease, changing health behavior is a
four-step process:


Let’s take a look at each of these four steps and consider how they can be put into action.

1). Contemplation
The first step is to think about the changes that you will want to make in your lifestyle and eating habits. It’s important to understand the benefits that these choices will provide. Consider the benefits that you will have – more energy, less stress, and a higher level of confidence. You need to be psychologically ready to alter your behavior.

2). Preparation
Now that you are committed to changing your behavior, you need to create a plan to lead an active lifestyle and eat healthier. That means having an exercise plan and researching the right foods. Here, small steps are the key. Start out walking a couple of days a week and switch out a few unhealthy eating choices to healthier alternatives. Over time, you will be able to continue to modify your plans to improve your lifestyle.

3). Action
Now is the time to put the plan into action! Make time to exercise, go for a walk or be active. Also, be sure to eat healthier during your meals and avoid habits that can lead to eating unhealthy snacks between meals.

4). Maintenence
Finally, consistency is key. Usually, it will take about 21 days to develop a daily behavior into a habit. Once you are able to follow an active lifestyle and healthy eating plan for three weeks, then it will become a more natural behavior for you.

Using a Risk/Reward System to Modify Behavior

One of the best ways to reach a goal is to set up a risk/reward system tied to your outcome. That means that you tie your change in habits to something that you can get as well as something that you can lose. Today, the blockchain project Kalibre is designed to help people put this risk/reward system into action. With Kalibre, participants use a blockchain smart contract to repurchase Kalibre coins at a higher percentage rate if they archive their goals. As an example, a participant spends $500 to create a Kalibre smart contract. If the person achieves the goals set up in the contract, they will be able to repurchase the contract and receive $600 worth of coins. If they fail to reach the contract, then they will repurchase the contract and receive only $400 worth of coins.

By creating the right daily habits – along with a real time-sensitive incentive – changing one’s behavior for the better can be easier than ever.